About Us

Alligare, is a Latin term meaning “to bond”, from which we get our English word ally

The essence of our business is the bond we establish with our clients. We are authentic and genuine. As professionals, we know that a productive, engaged team must be able to have fun as well.


Join Our Team

It takes a relatively rare combination of strategic thinking, solid business and technical skills, professional verbal and written presentation skills, invaluable work experience, and a genuinely nice person to be an Alligār consultant.   We seek to attract and retain the best.

Our Fabric

  • Every action is directed towards doing the right thing for our client.  We exist to make our clients successful. 
  • The whiteboard is our best friend.  We convey that we understand our client's situation by visually communicating complex concepts and ideas through diagrams and illustrations, because, as we all know, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
  • We are honest and fair, and keep every promise.
  • Our goal is to not “Sell” our services; instead, we strive  to be INVITED to deliver our services by continually providing unmatched value. Our clients appreciate the high quality of our work product.
  • We deliver action-based results, not just another binder on the book shelf.
  • We take on calculated risk, knowing that we are responsible for our actions and results, and can only be successful by identifying and managing risk appropriately.
  • We work hard to provide for ourselves and our families and respect that our clients do as well. We don’t waste their time or money.
  • We are comfortable in our client's environment.  We adapt to many settings and cultures.
  • We must rely on our business partners and strategic alliances to provide a broad range of domain expertise for our clients.  While supporting Alligār in providing customized, quality service, our single identity is that of the Alligār team.